I received an invitation to be a part of the Personal Structures Exhibition. Taking place in April 2022 in Venice, Italy. This no doubt is one of the biggest stepping stone in my career and my first international exhibition and I am currently looking for support to help me achieve this dream.


What does my donation cover?

Your donation would cover the base cost of the exhibition. It would cover my the Palazzo rental, security for my work, assistance on gallery prep materials including framing, printing, film and installation this is a base of 15,000 Euros. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE MY PERSONAL TRAVEL OR ACCOMADATION. Please do not feel you are donating for my vacation, my work comes first.

What if Covid - 19 is still happening?

My work will still be going to Venice no matter what, I, myself, just might not be going.

I want to help, I just don't have money

Even though money would be the most helpful, I would love support in other ways. Donating a piece of your artwork for a raffle or an auction. If you are a company I would love a sponsorship, where we could discuss what I can do for your company in return for you support. Or if you are a small business owner and have a very cute little store and need some artwork, let me hang some print in your shop.  Tell your friends! Buy me a coffee! Share my work! Anything helps.

If this suits you, send me an email!

I have some money! Where do I donate?

Let me start by saying, THANK YOU and... I love you. You can buy a print from my shop or donate on my Go Fund Me!